Edmonton Timelapse / Hyperlapse

Time-lapse photography in Edmonton

Timelapse photography is a technique that involves taking a sequence of photos over a long period of time and compressing it into a few seconds or minutes. When played back at normal speed, either 24 or 30 frames per second, it appears to be moving much faster than originally shot.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to create clips that are both cinematic and compelling. For motion timelapses we use a device called a Radian by Alpine Labs which allows us to pan/tilt and slide, making even the most complex shots imaginable a reality.

When regular motion just won’t cut it, or the timelapse needs to cover a large area we use the hyperlapse technique. This involves moving the camera after each photograph by a distance of anywhere from 3 inches up to 3 meters. We are able to make timelapses that cover a large area and simulate a dolly shot with minimal equipment. Over the past 5 years Third Born Entertainment has become Canada’s largest producer of hyperlapse & timelapse stock footage.

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