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Edmonton Timelapse Photography

Third Born Entertainment provides professional Edmonton Time-lapse video services, skillfully capturing the essence and aesthetic appeal of various projects. Whether it entails documenting construction progress, immortalizing events, or celebrating the natural world, our accomplished team employs cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to craft captivating footage that eloquently conveys the entire process in a condensed format.

With Third Born Entertainment, we offer the opportunity to reexperience the entire journey in a matter of minutes, rendering it an exceptional means of promoting your project, showcasing your accomplishments, or simply indulging in the mesmerizing flow of time in motion.

In addition to our timelapse services, Third Born Entertainment also offers hyperlapse photography in Edmonton, Alberta, enabling us to artistically capture the dynamic movement of people and objects in a distinctive and captivating manner.

Hyperlapse, a technique within the realm of time-lapse photography, involves the deliberate movement of the camera over substantial distances, capturing a sequence of images at precise intervals. This method results in a fast-paced, expertly stabilized motion video, effectively encapsulating a protracted journey or event into a concise yet dynamic presentation. It is ideally suited for showcasing the vibrancy and fervor of any event or location.

We invite you to get in touch with us today to explore how we can seamlessly integrate timelapse and hyperlapse techniques into your upcoming video production project.


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