7 Tips To Create An Effective Training Video

Determine Goals and KPI’s

Before you begin to create your video, it’s important to determine what your goals are. This will help you decide which format will work best for your company and what kind of KPIs (key performance indicators) need to be tracked.
You may have a specific goal in mind when creating a corporate training video–for example, if you want employees to be able to perform tasks more efficiently after watching it–and that’s great! But if this isn’t the case, here are a few questions that can help guide your decision-making process:

  • What do we want our viewers’ attitudes toward our brand/product/service
  • How can we increase retention rates?
  • Do we want people who watch our videos on mobile devices or desktops?
Consider the Format

The first thing to consider when creating a corporate training video is the format. There are four main formats for corporate training videos: live action, talking head, animated explainer and screencast.

Live Action Videos

Live action videos are exactly what they sound like–they involve actors or real people performing in front of cameras. Live action can be used in conjunction with other types of videos (such as whiteboard explainers) but often works best on its own because it allows viewers to see how things work in real life rather than through animation or illustrations alone. These types of videos tend to be more expensive than other formats because they require hiring actors and crew members who have experience in film production; however, if done well these types of productions can create powerful impressions on viewers that stick with them long after watching them!

Develop a Script

The first step to creating an effective corporate training video is to develop a script. The script should align with the goals of the video and be concise, complete and professional. If you are not a writer or don’t have time for this task, hire someone who does! A professional copywriter will help ensure that your message is communicated effectively through your script.

Add Your Brand

Your corporate training video should be a reflection of your brand. It should have the same voice, tone and personality as your website or other marketing materials. The logo, font and color scheme should all be consistent with what is used elsewhere in your company’s branding efforts.

Work With a Professional Team

When it comes to creating an effective corporate training video, the first thing you need is a professional team. A good production company will have the experience and resources needed to handle all aspects of your project–from coordinating the shoot and logistics, to producing a quality end product.
If you’re working with a smaller budget or if time is tight (and let’s face it: most corporate training videos aren’t exactly high priority), consider hiring someone who specializes in shooting quick-turnaround projects like this one. If they’re good enough at what they do, they’ll be able to give you everything from preproduction planning through final delivery within days instead of weeks or months!

Unite Strategies
  • Tie in video training videos with overall training strategy.
  • Ask trainees questions, and create an online test or quiz based on the content of your video. This will help you gauge how well they understand what they learned in the video, as well as their ability to apply it to their daily work environment.
  • Consider using multiple formats for your corporate training videos–for example, if you’re creating a tutorial on how to use software program X, consider also creating an infographic that breaks down each step in detail (and links back to where it was covered in your video). Adobe premiere or Davinci Resolve are fantastic video editing programs to help bring your vision to life.
Analyze Performance

One of the most important steps in creating a corporate training video is analyzing performance. You’ll want to track KPIs and use data from surveys or other information sources to determine if your video was effective. This can help you make better decisions about future projects, as well as inform how you go about creating them.

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