Unlock the Power of Internal Communication Videos to Boost Your Business Success!

Video has become an increasingly popular medium for external communication, such as video marketing for social media. But what about internal communication? While many brands use videos for branding and spreading their message to the world, they often overlook the potential of videos for internal communication.

Internal communication videos, also known as internal corporate videos, are pre-made videos used to communicate with employees. These videos can improve internal corporate communication, empower employees, and help recruit stronger talent. They are also easy to produce and tap into the strong visual learning centers of employees.

Here are several main reasons why you should use internal communication videos:

  1. Easy to distribute: Emails can be a drag to write and may not effectively communicate complex points. With internal videos, after creating each video once, you can send it out an unlimited number of times.
  2. No miscommunication: Videos give the recipient direct access to the explanation, creating a sense of personal communication. This can be much more influential than a simple email.
  1. Time management: When creating time-lapse videos, you can create multiple detailed short snippets that will highlight every point that needs to be made. You can feel confident your recipient isn’t missing any key points.
  1. The visual aspect: According to studies, 65% of the world population are classified as visual learners, which means that they respond much better to visual cues. Using videos for internal communications helps your team better process and understand the information you’re sending out.
  1. Save costs: The use of videos for internal communications is one of the best ways to help you save costs in the company. Instead of hiring an expensive teacher or someone else to convey messages, you can simply make use of new technology to make all of this possible.Types of internal communications videos include animated videos, explainer videos, video presentations, whiteboard animated videos, and recruitment videos. These videos can be used for onboarding new employees, training, continuous learning and development, announcements and updates, FAQ videos, and recruitment.


In conclusion, video should be at the heart of every internal communication strategy. Using video to communicate with employees is cost-effective and easy. By tapping into the strong visual learning centers of employees, internal communication videos can improve internal corporate communication, empower employees, and help recruit stronger talent.

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